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Boston’s 46 best new restaurants of 2017

“The urge to eat dumplings is strong. But a trip to Chinatown isn’t always in the cards. How nice, then, to have Bess’s Cafe in Brookline. Named for operator Bess Lee, the tiny restaurant turns out homey noodle dishes (dan dan noodles, pork belly noodle soup), scallion-pancake wraps filled with beef, and crispy chicken buns. But its specialty is handmade dumplings, toothsome, carefully pleated wrappers filled with shrimp, pork and chive, and more. In wonton soup, they’re a surefire way to fight the wintry cold.”

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Make Brookline your next stop for Jiangnan style dumplings and noodles

Bess’s Cafe in Brookline a dumpling delight


Hottest Fast-Casual Restaurants in Boston

“Since its spring opening, this Brookline newcomer has garnered a strong word-of-mouth following among foodies for its Chinese dumplings and bowls of Jiang Nan–style noodles.”

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“The depth of umami flavor in this MSG-free menu is impressive—and meat is its driving force.”

“Bess’s Chicken Dumplings with Sichuan Sauce (Spicy) come submerged in an oily, spicy sauce that gels perfectly with their starchy wrapping.”

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Bess’s Cafe Dishes out Noodles in Brookline

Soups and dumplings galore

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Five delicious dumpling restaurants in Boston


Bess's Cafe has been perfecting its Dan Dan noodles and pork belly noodles for the past year in Brookline. And it's creating some buzz

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Delicious Dumplings Arrive at Bess’s Café

Bess’s Café brings tasty Asian cuisine to Brookline…………….. 

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“with the quality of food that this dining spot offers, the place could get "found" by those who love the sense of discovery with hidden gems such as Bess's.”